Sun Screen Blocked

In today’s report from Chuck Muth:
According to the latest “Give Me a Break” commentary by ABC’s John Stossel, the chemical Mexoryl effectively blocks UVA the rays from the sun which cause wrinkles. Dermatologists swear by it. And sun worshippers in Rio, Paris, Mexico, Canada and Australia have been lathering up with it for over a dozen years now.
But don’t look for it on the shelves of your local drug store here in the U.S. of A. It ain’t there. Why? Because it’s illegal here. You see, the federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) still hasn’t “approved” Mexoryl as safe and effective.
How typically “governmental” to be told over and over and over that the sun is dangerous and not to forget to wear sunscreen…while the feds continue to ban the most effective sunscreen on the market today.
And this is the same group some want to turn the regulation of tobacco over to? Give me a break.