Supercomputer no way to spend taxpayer dollars

Guess what? You as a New Mexico taxpayer are now part owner (subscription required) of an $11 million supercomputer with a total cost of $42 million to get it up and running. Another free article is available here.
So, what use might you have for such a computer? None as I pointed out recently in the NM Business Weekly. Most of us will do just fine with our PC’s and Mac’s which are getting more powerful and better all the time. The computer is nothing more than corporate welfare with a side of inflated ego.
With roads and bridges in dire need of money and taxpayers in Bernalillo facing tax hikes to pay for the jail and other needs, it seems hard to believe that a supercomputer is the greatest priority for New Mexicans. It will be interesting to see if any claims of economic impact/business attraction are made or if the whole thing is merely swept under the carpet.