Support the Rio Grande Foundation on “Giving Tuesday”!

Did you have empty chairs at your Thanksgiving dinner table? We all know people, especially young ones, who have left New Mexico for greener economic pastures. Our States poor business climate is forcing our people out.

Unfortunately, policymakers failed to push through needed policy reforms like “right to work” and school choice in the last few years. Now, with Santa Fe “progressives” now in control of the Legislature, things aren’t going to get any easier. Instead, tax hikes and more spending will be aggressively pushed in Santa Fe.

But, there is hope. Hopefully President-elect Trump’s pro-energy/anti-ObamaCare policies will bring greater economic growth to the United States as a whole, thus helping New Mexico’s economy. A Trump Supreme Court nominee could have great, positive impacts.

No matter what the future holds, you know that the Rio Grande Foundation will be there fighting the ideological battles and making the case for free markets, limited government, and individual freedom.

On this “Giving Tuesday,” I hope you’ll support the charities that you value, but know that it is the free market that can solve most of our woes, especially here in New Mexico.

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The Rio Grande Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization which means that donations to us can be deducted from your 2016 taxes. I hope you’ll support the organization that works to solve the most important problems facing our State. Thank you!

Some day soon, I want young people to be able to find economic opportunities right here in New Mexico so they don’t have to move to economically-freer places like Texas, Utah, or Colorado.




Paul Gessing
President of the Rio Grande Foundation

“Liberty, Opportunity, Prosperity”