Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare based on Congressional “intent”

The Supreme Court today announced a 6-3 decision upholding the King v. Burwell case which revolved around whether Congress did or did not intend to give subsidies to residents of states that did not set up exchanges under the law.

The Rio Grande Foundation had previously outlined potential scenarios assuming a reversal by the Court. This was based on both the clear language of the law and statements like those from ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber:

In terms of the decision’s impact on American health care and our society in general, here are some initial reactions

Cons: The ObamaCare law remains largely intact with future dire consequences for American health care; the Supreme Court clearly ruled (again) on political expediency rather than the law as written driving another stake in the heart of the rule of law.

Pros: Obama and the Democrats truly “own” this law and all of its impacts now. They passed a poorly-written and ill-conceived law. It now stands largely intact. When/if the law is considered a failure, there will be a strong impetus for reforms in the opposite, hopefully free market direction.

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2 Replies to “Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare based on Congressional “intent””

  1. The most disturbing part of this ruling is not that the Robert’s Court has chosen to be a political operative, geared to legislate. The SC majority established that choice previously.

    What is most disturbing is the large crowd of smiling faces pleased by the decision, self-blinded to the consequences, continuing to claim medical and insurance “rights.”

    But health care and insurance are not rights. Both products are provided by those who’ve studied and researched and worked to offer important values. No one has a right to the values another produces. No one can rationally legislate that an individual’s effort is the property of others. To so legislate, is to make slavery lawful. To cheer slavery is the face of a diseased mind.

  2. This ruling combined with so called “homosexual marriage” means there is no Constitution. Taken to its logical conclusion, if you do not agree the government or the special minority classes supported by the courts can bankrupt you, close your business, take your children away and actually through other coercive means, force you not just to tolerate but accept and condone (ie:celebrate) this behavior despite your personal or religious beliefs. Tyranny at its finest.

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