Susana Martinez Needs the fortitude and wisdom of Thatcher

Tom Molitor has a nice column over at NMPolitics outlining some of the personal leadership characteristics that Margaret Thatcher — one of my favorite political leaders of all time — used to turn England’s economy around during the 1980s. Thankfully, Martinez doesn’t face quite as dire a situation here in New Mexico as Tom points out, but tough decisions are going to anger those who believe they will be hurt by them.

Ironically, as many of the coal miners in England figured out, economic prosperity would ultimately create a stronger economy and better living standards for them and their families outside of the dirty and dangerous mines. New Mexicans who have grown reliant on government, could have the same epiphany as Martinez is forced to make needed cuts to turn New Mexico around.

It is a scary, exciting time in New Mexico (and the US as a whole). There is no doubt that tough action is required. Thatcher was one of the toughest, best leaders this world has seen.

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  1. The interest on our gross debt (public debt + intergovernmental debt) will be $1 trillion annually. Ouch! Good find to the CNN Money article you linked.

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