2 Replies to “Susana Martinez v. Diane Denish: What We Pay For Their Personal Security”

  1. You guys just don’t get it! Having bodyguards makes one feel important. And it’s free!! Or at least that’s what the Dems believe.

  2. That is WAY incorrect. A “.45” (1911) is tres butch and WILL not accessorize with anything that doesn’t have Death’s Head leather on it.
    Ms. Martinez carries a 9mm Kurtz, a go-anywhere, do-anything snappy little semiauto. With Cor-Bon rounds, this firearm is a “show-stopper” for unwanted attention!
    S&W’s LadySmith is a kinder, gentler wheelgun, but the pink plastic grip is TOO OVER, unless you want to deliver tchotschke in 130 grain doses, PUHLEEZ!

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