Swedish Educational Choice Model Surpasses US

Sweden, that supposedly socialist European nation, is beginning to seem downright free market compared to the US in some ways. First, there was the nation’s refusal to bail out the car company Saab when the US was busy bailing out GM and Chrysler.

Now, comes this very interesting which shows that Sweden’s K-12 educational model is very choice-based and culturally all-American. What do they do in Sweden? As the article notes:

The Swedish model is built on two pillars of choice: a voucher system at both the primary and secondary levels and varied high school tracks.

Let’s start with the voucher program. If a public school isn’t meeting a student’s needs, he or she can leave. Students have the option to switch to another public school or they can leave the public system altogether and opt for a private school, explained Fredric Sk√§lstad, political adviser to the Swedish minister of education.

The government attaches money to each student, which then follows him wherever he goes. Students with special needs — such as those from non-Swedish-speaking backgrounds — receive extra money.

If a public school isn’t up to snuff, students leave. And they take their money with them.

Wow, sounds like a huge step forward for our socialist education model! Perhaps the New Mexico Legislature can learn something from Sweden by adopting choice this legislative session.