Watchdog Round-Up ‘Round the Nation

The Rio Grande Foundation’s New Mexico Watchdog, though it stands on its own, is part of a national network of Watchdog investigative reporting projects in other states. Jim Scarantino, who edits and reports for New Mexico Watchdog, is a former attorney. The Watchdogs in other states are run by veteran journalists, accountants, and policy analysts. For an idea of how large and impressive this effort is, read our “Watchdog Roundup.”

Jim Scarantino on Denish and the Broken Windows Theory

The little stuff matters. Details count. NYPD proved it with their application of the Broken Windows Theory. I think that approach applies equally to how we hold government and politicians accountable. Combing through records showing how the Lt. Governor spent $225,000 is a good case study in application of this theory.

I expect to have one more report in this series. I will then provide a compilation of all the links for the convenience of anyone else who cares how Diane Denish chose to exercise complete discretion to spend tax dollars meant for economic stimulus.