Take my Social Security, Please!

Liberals love to say that Social Security is “the most popular government program.” There is an element of truth to this statement as the people who will be bearing the burden for the system and not receiving much in the way of “benefits” are either young or not born yet.

But, I’d love to see the folks who defend the popularity of the program show some confidence in their statement by making it optional. I would be thrilled to take them (and the federal government) up on this. I just received my “Social Security Statement.” According to the number crunchers over at SSA, I have paid more than $35,000 in Social Security taxes and more than $8,000 in Medicare taxes.

I have a grand bargain. I’ll allow the federal government to hold onto my $44,000 (actually it is more than that since the statement only covers earnings through 2009). I’ll sign a document stating that I’ll never take Social Security or Medicare if I can hold on to — and invest on my own — the money that my employer and I would pay for Social Security. Heck, I’ll even sign another document saying that I’ll invest the money and won’t touch it until I’m 65. The way I figure it, the feds are coming out way ahead.

Perhaps I am in the minority in my willingness to take such drastic action, but I’d rather control my own financial future than rely on the benevolence of the federal government. After all, my wonderful “statement” from the government also contains this fine line which states “Your estimated benefits are based on current law. Congress has made changes to the law in the past and can do so at any time.” Not exactly reassuring.

If Social Security is so popular, let’s make it optional or let workers “buy out” of the system and invest for themselves.

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7 Replies to “Take my Social Security, Please!”

  1. So 35,000 + 8,000 = 44,000? Growing up in Abq and going through public education must be worse than I thought…

  2. Well said. I am 68, and after working my a.. off for 54 years, and having my wages stolen for all those years, I am now on SS and now IT is being stolen AGAIN to pay for medicare and various supplements so I can go to a government-approved doctor (thanks to our Chicago “thief-in-chief”) for medical care.

    My investments, paid for out of what I have had left to me by my increasingly-communistic federal government (fostered by criminals in both parties) will be of more benefit to me than anything decreasingly doled out to me by the disgusting pigs that have been allowed to take over Washington.

    Our goverrnment/union/liberal /incestuous “education system” (aka “dumbbown kids so they’ll believe the government lies) and a whipsawed, phony “belief system” that constantly compares “left to right” when both are totalitarian control-systems that have no bearing to freedom) are falsely equating “freedom” to mean conformity to the dictates of the so-called “leaders”: union-thugs, communist ‘teachers’, (running ‘re-educations camps), government bureaucrats, AKA, parasites, and socialist “news outlets” like CNN, and MSNBC that closely parallel Pravda and Radio Moscow.

    Now, why did I say “left to right” is false? Because “left” and “right” denote different forms of totalitarianism. Control is control. If you put all the totalitarianisms on the left (NAZISM, COMMNISM, FASCISM, LIBERIALISM, etc.), and put FREEDOM on the right, where it belongs, you have a TRUE representation of the various “ISMS”.

    And if you try to properly define the forms in this fashion, all the entrenched interests will attack you because they know they can never allow themselves to be exposed properly.

    Anarchy is totallly to the right. All the “ISM’S” are totally to the left. The United States is (or was) a Constitutional Republic (Look it up if you are a retard-slave-leftist, if you can even read). That is as close to anarchy as a lawfully-constituted government can get.

    But sadly, we are now in decline into a totalitarian state. Soon we will no longer be citizens, we will be subjects. And subjects of Obama, god help us. No one else will.

    1. Robert, if you want to rant then please do it somewhere else. One of the nice things about Errors of Enchantment is that is “free” from kooks on the right or left who want to use the comment section as a platform for everything that is wrong with America. I suggest you join one of the many blogs available on the net. “Topix” offers you the chance to express your views on local, national and international topics. I suggest you google it.

  3. The reason our society won’t take Paul’s offer to leave the Social Security system is that he can’t be trusted to take care of himself in old age. If he fails to do so, the state (all of us) will have to take care of him. Why? Altruism–as Ayn Rand so clearly described. Our society thinks we are all our brother’s keeper.

  4. Jim is right. Robert’s ranting was acceptable until he shamelessly called folks “retard.” That is a pejorative that does great disservice to the millions of brain injured Americans who suffer from mental retardation. They have enough problems without us adding to them by making them outcasts and less than human. Please choose another word to make your point, Robert.

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