Talking APS property tax with KOAT Channel 7

As discussed in a recent blog post here there is an Albuquerque Public Schools property tax issue on voters’ ballots this November. As seen below the ballot language certainly seems to indicate a property tax increase, but in this story for which RGF talked to KOAT Channel 7, APS claims it is NOT a tax hike.

We looked extensively on the APS website and found nothing, nor does the full ballot text on our sample ballot (find yours here) have any clues. Click on the photo below for a link to the story:


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One Reply to “Talking APS property tax with KOAT Channel 7”

  1. It’s only fitting, this is how you keep the poor weak, with always rising property taxes. We have to fund the APS thieves who steal our tax dollars. The local media Lies and say’s it won’t raise property taxes, well somehow my property taxes for my modest house have risen from $800 to over $2000 with the media always saying this property tax won’t raise your taxes. No amount of spending on education has delivered NM anything other than the Worst students in the country whom are now Exempted from the SAT’s. It’s time to face the music and vote down these property tax hike program’s of waste. No accountability for tax dollars at APS, why would they need more tax dollar’s, fewer students to teach, what say’s punish the tax payer even more?

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