Talking economic development subsidies and TIDD’s with Good Jobs First

On this Saturday’s episode of Tipping Point New Mexico, Dowd Muska and Paul Gessing interviewed Greg LeRoy of Good Jobs First on a variety of issues relating to developing New Mexico’s struggling economy. This interview represents the very best of left/right agreement in opposing government policies that pick and choose some special interests and industries over others.

While there are disagreements between left and right over what ideal economic policies look like and what exactly a “subsidy” is as opposed to a targeted tax break, but overall Good Jobs First is a trove of useful information. For example, you can see here which companies have received the most subsidies.  The report lists Intel as the top recipient — a conclusion we might disagree with based on differences on tax exemptions as opposed to direct subsidies (like payouts to the film industry).

Nonetheless, three of New Mexico’s top subsidy recipients are in the film industry (Lions Gate, Sony, and Comcast). Interestingly, Eclipse Aviation and Schott Solar are on the list and have both gone out of business. Lastly, Forest City Enterprises is number two on the list because it developed Mesa del Sol and received massive TIDD subsidies. This is an ongoing issue as Santolina has asked for massive TIDD subsidies from the Bernalillo County Commission as well.

Anyway, the interview is fun and informational. It’s just the sort of principled, non-partisan work we are proud of at RGF.

You can check out the hour-long interview below: