Tapping the permanent fund is all purpose solution for the left

In Sunday’s Albuquerque Journal the “usual suspects” Reps. Moe Maestas and Javier Martinez teamed up to argue (for the umpteenth time) that New Mexico can solve ALL its problems if it JUST tapped into its Land Grant Permanent Fund.

We’ve heard their arguments before over the span of the past decade. The only new wrinkle thrown in is that THIS TIME we are facing an unprecedented financial crisis so, as the authors write, tapping the fund is a two-fer, “By accessing this additional funding we not only avoid cutting existing programs, but we can actually expand ECE programing. It will also free up valuable resources that we can use for a stimulus package for small businesses.”

The fundamental problem that Maestas and Martinez simply refuse to come to grips with is that after decades of Democrat rule New Mexico’s government spends more than nearly any other state in the nation (as a percent of GDP) while ranking 44th for “return on investment” according to Wallethub.

Maesta and Martinez can’t see fit to even consider cutting spending like costly film subsidies. It is ALWAYS about MORE spending for these people even if the data justifying their precious PreK programs are not what they think they are.