Tax Bond on APS Ballot

It is not getting a great deal of publicity, but Albuquerque Public Schools is having a board election on February 1. Early voting is now under way and readers of this site are strongly urged to learn about the candidates running in their districts and vote for those who will reform APS.

And, if the APS board isn’t enough to get you to the polls, how about a $70 million tax cut? That is what homeowners could see on their taxes if they vote “no” on the CNM bond that is also on the ballot.

While CNM is among New Mexico’s more efficient providers of higher education services, the reality is that we need to wean higher education off of the taxpayer dole. Innovation and efficiency in higher education will only come about if it is financially imperative. Getting out to vote and telling CNM that more reforms and more efficiency are necessary will be a good start.

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13 Replies to “Tax Bond on APS Ballot”

  1. I’m going to do the same thing I did last election: 1: If the candidate is an incumbent, I am voting against the incumbent. 2: If there is a bond on the ballot asking for my money (even if it says my taxes won’t increase – which is a deception), I’m voting against it! Even if it’s for a senior center, a school or a library.

    This is a sure way to start cleaning the swamp! A little fresh flow of people and ideas.

  2. Paul. I just wanted to point out that one of the early voting sites is actually in the APS HQ building on Uptown Blvd. How about that for home court advantage? Especially since this election sure isn’t being advertised!

  3. Taxes are forever going up because some special interest groups (read education) have learned to “manage” the election process to favor themselves. Using the “special election” with only their agenda represented, they ensure a very low turnout and almost automatic passage of their issue or candidate. While this is not illegal it costs the tax payers extra which we can ill afford and reduces the electorate to a minority of special interests. We must disallow special elections as Colorado and Oklahoma do and give the majority a fair break.

  4. We were going to vote absentee, but the county sent a letter saying they would no longer automatically send an absentee request letter like they have for many years. We must first send a request to them for each election and then they will send the ballot request form. Not sure if this is supposed to save the county money, but the notice was sent during the holiday season and we got it too late to “react” (submitted by early Jan). I will now have to request a form to vote absentee each election then send it back (extra mailing cost)….what a pain. This will cut this particular election’s total voter turnout even more. This is an important election .

  5. Help me here. A few years back, we passed a constitutional amendment combining school elections with general elections. What’s the story? When I called about it, they said the amendment “allowed” them “if they wanted to.” Really. We need to start writing better amendments or get rid of these people who won’t follow the rules! I can quote the amendment if you’re interested.

  6. General Election ballots are already so long that many candidates and issues are already buried. Adding school board elections will only increase confusion and neglect. People already have enough candidates to sort out, depending on their State Senate and House districts.

    People who care, vote. People who don’t care, don’t. If we aren’t getting involved and getting our neighbors and friends educated on the candidates and issues and then to the polls, we only have ourselves to blame, not the election schedule.

  7. Paul,

    “The election isn’t being advertised”? You know about it. I know about it. I see candidate yard signs everywhere. I hear about candidate forums around the city. I see items on TV news and in the newspaper. How did that happen?

    “Home court advantage”? If you know of any election fraud taking place you should report it. It’s a crime.

    If you’re really this concerned about the election, you should pull your head out of your hard drive and get involved.

    You seem to see a conspiracy around every corner. Maybe you should make yourself a tin foil hat to protect you from space aliens.

  8. Ken,

    I’m not sure what you are saying here. I didn’t say it is not being advertised, nonetheless, I’ll guarantee that voter turnout will be less than 5%. That is not exactly inspiring.

    Also, while it is not “illegitimate,” having an early voting place at APS headquarters certainly gives them easier access to the polls than the rest of us have. Given their inherent self-interest in the results, I think it is safe to say that this is not a coincidence.

  9. In todays deficit environment does it really make sense to put one or two issues on a special election ballot that costs several hundred thousand dollars that could easily be included on a primary or general election? If we are going to get serious about being responsible with tax payers money we are going to have to take advantage of savings where they exist. This is an opportunity. Ken, please don’t tell me that APS is paying for this election. APS earns nothing and pays for nothing. It is the tax payers money taken from them by force of law!

  10. This could be a mail-in election if APS asked for it. That would be much cheaper and easier, and have a higher turnout. Why haven’t they?

    The bond issue is only for buildings for CNM — repair, upgrading, energy conservation, and new. The jobs generated by this will put local people to work, and generate taxes. CNM helps people who are going to school to learn a trade. What’s wrong with people working, earning money to spend locally, and paying taxes for the services we all expect? Would you rather pay them Unemployment longer?

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