Tax increase/Paid Leave mandate SB 11 House Hearing/Rally against Friday

One of the VERY WORST bills this session, SB 11 which would force a big new tax on New Mexico workers and businesses, is up in House Commerce & Economic Development Committee this Friday afternoon. The following effort was put together by New Mexico Restaurant Association against the bill.

Email YOUR Legislators!

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We need YOUR help contacting the New Mexico legislature to ask them to oppose the unfair Paid Family Medical Leave Tax.

This new payroll tax is expected to generate $463 million for a super fund in which working New Mexicans will have the biggest burden of creating this fund, with employees being taxed $5 for every $1000 they earn. This tax will hit the lowest-earning employees the most by removing hundreds of dollars from their annual income.

Please right-click on the image below with the QR code and save to print and hang in your business.

Help us by sending your message and sharing the campaign! Even if you have participated in this campaign recently, do it again!

Show Up!

We need YOU to show up this Friday either in person at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe or on the Zoom meeting for the hearing. It is important that we have as many voices as possible ready to make comments and speak out in opposition of this unfair tax.

We will RALLY outside the East Doors of the Roundhouse Capitol Building in Santa Fe at Noon to show solidarity before we go to Room 317 for the hearing. Lunch will be sponsored by the Restaurant Association and served by Tomasita’s. The best way to show the legislature this payroll tax is not a good idea is by showing up and making your voice heard. If you are unable to make it to Santa Fe, please use the link to watch on Zoom and make comments.

Watch & Comment Friday on Zoom @ 1:30 PM