Taxpayer-financed campaigning for red light cameras (a step removed)

Surprise, surprise! The only major lobbying push — one way or another — on the upcoming red light camera vote, is coming from the main special interest group that benefits financially from those very cameras. A full report is available from KOBTV below:

Recently, even the big-government epicenter of Los Angeles got rid of its red light cameras. It seems like the trend is in opposition to the cameras because they are simply not effective. I can see the “pro” arguments, but I find the self-serving arguments made by Redflex hard to stomach.

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4 Replies to “Taxpayer-financed campaigning for red light cameras (a step removed)”

  1. Asking the voters to rule on whether the red-light cameras stay is like a parent asking his 5-yr old whether Mommy and Daddy should stop buying vegetables. I rely on the government to provide safety and security for me. While Councilman Lewis thinks that re-engineering the intersections will help, he is WRONG. NO amount of reconstruction will solve the problem of insane drivers who talk and text on cell phones while driving, who are late for an appointment so speed, and who display other terrible diving habits.

    The number of red-light runners during the period when the cameras were off is proof enough for me that the government needs to keep me safe from these idiots who will eventually kill someone. Of course, if the fine were $200, we might not need the cameras. As for revenue, so what if ABQ makes money off them–if drivers are that stupid, then fine them to the hilt. Use the extra money to reduce taxes!!

  2. Yep, please leave those camaras on. Look how many people hate them–it must be making an impression! Without them, would people even be talking about how often they cruise thru those red lights, making that left hand turn?

    I would like to see actual raw data on the effectiveness of those things though. Anyone else think its weird no one has published all the facts?

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