Tea Parties More Popular than GOP!

Some very interesting polling data from the highly credible Rasmussen polling organization has come out showing that when asked the question “Suppose the Tea Party Movement organized itself as a political party. When thinking about the next election for Congress, would you vote for the Republican candidate from your district, the Democratic candidate from your district, or the Tea Party candidate from your district,” respondents chose the tea parties over the Republicans.

According to the story, the response of all those who were polled was Democratic 36%, Tea Party 23% and Republican 18%. Further, the poll found that independents are more inclined to vote for a tea party candidate over Democratic or Republican candidates. It shows that not only are the tea parties not “tools” of the Republican Party, but that Republicans have a long way to go before they achieve the credibility that the upstart tea party movement has garnered.

I’m pleased to have led a 2 hour training session on Sunday afternoon with the wonderful folks at the Albuquerque Tea Party. It was quite impressive to see 70 or so activists, not getting paid, concerned about their country and its out-of-control government, show up for training on a Sunday afternoon.

Notably, if Republicans do wake up and realize that they should re-embrace limited government like the tea parties have, the Republican/Tea Party movement defeats the Democrats 41% to 36%. The bad news is that the Republicans have already proven exceedingly capable of bungling elections.

Only time will tell whether the Republican Party re-embraces limited government. It is clear that in the form of the Tea Parties a major constituency exists.

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3 Replies to “Tea Parties More Popular than GOP!”

  1. Political parties come and they go! I truly like the notional party, a TEA party, where that party is dedicated to keeping taxes low and where whats good for the politicans in both houses and in the executive is good for all citizens and where all citizens pay in taxes that are equally paid by those same politicians.

    What we have now is unconscionable in that politicans get full retirements and benefits in short order and where citizens get retirements many years later, if at all. The imbalance between haves and don’t-haves is huge! We are Taxed Enough Already!!!

    A TEA Party, however, needs to be far broader than just taxes! Hence, the T in TEA, the E in TEA, and the A in TEA need to be broader in scope and intent—-But the notion of another party, not a so-called Independent Party, makes great sense, IF its broad, its always grass-roots, and its all encompassing. And, its for wealthy, for poor, for unions, for all fringe groups, for everyone to simply capture the imagination of all Americans, but still allowing people to cling to their beloved Democratic or Republican parties. Thus, a third and viable third party makes sense and in fact diffuses the two-party dominance to a three-party system. Its a new dawn in political thinking, for sure, since the tendency is merely to replace one party or the other with a third party. This would be Different and Refreshing for American politics as we have known politics!!!


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