Tell ABQ City Council: Let the People Vote on ART

The Albuquerque City Council will likely vote on Albuquerque Rapid Transit for the first and only (direct) time this Monday, March 21.

While it appears that a majority of the City Council will blindly follow Mayor Berry and grasp for the “free” $69 million in federal money attached to the project, no matter how much it harms mobility on Central and the cultural uniqueness of Route 66, the best we can hope for (from City Council) is that they will put this proposal on the ballot for the voters to have a final say on.

This project represents nothing less than a transformation of Albuquerque’s most iconic road. There are also high costs for local taxpayers that will be borne into the future both in terms of cost-overruns and operating expenses. We should have a final say as taxpayers on this issue. If you agree, either show up at City Council on Monday, March 21st at 5pm or send Mayor Berry and your Councilor a note telling them that “we the people” need to make the final call on this project.

To his credit, Councilor Dan Lewis has already come out and said he opposes the project, but it is still worth asking him to put it on the ballot as it is doubtful that four other councilors will oppose it outright.,