Tell Albuquerque City Councilors to oppose push for high-cost solar!

Albuquerque’s City Councilors (you can contact them here)  should oppose a resolution with the goal of the City of Albuquerque obtain 25% of its electricity from solar. A resolution is being voted on tonight (May 16, 2016) on this very issue.

I won’t rehash the economic challenges facing the City, but we all know they are real. And while the alleged creation of new jobs sounds great, the reality is that those “green jobs” have been dramatically-oversold.

What we do know is that PV solar costs considerably more than traditional energy sources (as seen in the chart below). If people want to buy their own solar, that is their choice, but the City of Albuquerque should not be foisting higher cost electricity on taxpayers in an already-struggling economy.