Tell Mayor Berry What You think of a Taxpayer-Financed Convention Center Expansion

You may have read a few weeks ago in the Albuquerque Journal that Mayor Berry is again considering the construction of a taxpayer-financed “events center”/convention center expansion downtown. While I have made the case against this project repeatedly in the past — the target has certainly shifted — I’ll give the Mayor credit for listening to what average citizens have to say.

Go to this link and take a few moments to submit your comments pro or con. I certainly don’t think this should be a top priority for Albuquerque taxpayers, particularly in light of the long-term decline of the convention business and the $50 million deficit facing the City. So, take a few minutes to make your thoughts known.

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2 Replies to “Tell Mayor Berry What You think of a Taxpayer-Financed Convention Center Expansion”

  1. I saw all of there things on your web site, all of which are not true, Please look into them and let your readers know what you find. A lot of good people count on you for the their info on this.

    1. While exact impacts are not yet known because no comprehensive economic impact study has been performed,

    2, Their undemocratic nature is problematic enough, but being appointed by the Governor, they serve as nothing more than a gig (undoubtedly a cushy, paid one) for Friends of Bill.

    3. Come to Comment at March 1 Environmental Improvement Board Meeting
    The schedule is set. March 1 is the one and only public comment session being held by the Environmental Improvement Board

    4. New Mexico’s economy is the lawsuit recently filed to strip the EIB of its authority in this matter.

  2. Here is my response to the Mayor:

    Mayor Berry,

    Surely you jest. There is no money. You were elected to be a smaller government, responsible mayor. This question sounds like it came from the last administration. Did you delegate this issue to a holdover who doesn’t get it?

    Jim McCrory

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