Thank you Dan Foley

The special session ended with a whimper instead of a bang this week. This means that the career of one of New Mexico’s staunchest conservatives ended as well. While Rep. Foley certainly made enemies among Democrats and some conservatives (enough to unseat him in a primary earlier this year), he also had the courage to fight for free market, conservative principles that we at the Rio Grande Foundation hold dear.
In fact, Foley laid out a model for Republican success as an opposition party (and potential majority party) during the special. He introduced a little-publicized bill, House Bill 12, that would have eliminated New Mexico’s personal income tax by 2012. While the Governor’s “rebate” plan was an embarrassment both as public policy and ultimately, politically, Foley laid out a clear vision for a better New Mexico. I might add that Foley relied on intellectual arguments (and data) from the Rio Grande Foundation in putting together his bill.
Hopefully, since Rep. Foley will not be returning to Santa Fe in January, someone in the Legislature steps forward to put ideas like fundamental tax reform on the table in the New Mexico Legislature. Thanks Dan.