Thankfully, Mr. Obama is “only” the president

President Obama is leading this nation over a fiscal cliff and through the weakest economic recovery ever, apparently has time to criticize the efforts of other states to make themselves more competitive (like Michigan). If you haven’t seen the news, Michigan is the 24th state to prohibit union contracts that require membership in the union as a condition of employment. As we’ve pointed out, Right to Work laws are economic boons for states that adopt them.

Of course, the unions are also huge contributors to the Democratic Party and Obama’s political fortunes, so Obama is the one being “political” in taking issue with a state enacting this law. Of course, Obama, being “only” the president, should mind his own business and understand separation of powers.

And, it has been said many times and in many ways that Obama is an economic ignoramus, but his own words illustrate this: “Folks from our state’s capital, all the way to the nation’s capital, they should be focused on the same thing,” Obama said. “They should be working to make sure that companies like this manufacturer is able to make more great products.”

I’m sorry, but the LAST thing I want is politicians (of either party) focusing to make sure companies are able to make “great” products. Government subsidies are taxpayer ripoffs while most regulations are unwieldy and only harm businesses or, they harm innovators in favor of dinosaurs with better lobbyists. The best thing politicians can do is set up clear and simple rules with low, fair, and transparent taxes and get the hell out of the way.