The benefits of ending social promotion

It has been a bit of a rough patch for Gov. Martinez’s education reforms. The A-F grading system has generated widespread opposition among the state’s education establishment and, while it is based on a complex formula, the Albuquerque Journal’s article on the topic does a great job in explaining how the grades work.

On top of the A-F implementation which appears to have suffered from a lack of explanation and implementation, we see the teacher evaluation system coming under attack from teachers unions with vocal protests in Santa Fe.

But, some good news comes in the form of this previously-unreported (at least in New Mexico) paper from the Manhattan Institute which illustrates how the policy of banning social promotion — another Florida policy reform — can work to improve student outcomes.

As the study concludes: “On average, the students who were remediated did better academically, in both the short and long term, than those who were promoted.”

So, while the A-F grading system may be complex, it too is based on a solid foundation. Ultimately, if we stick with it, we’ll see improved education results.

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  1. How terrible. You people actually want students who get a high school diploma to be able to READ IT?????

    What about their rights? If they have to study, that will take time out from promiscuous sex, drugs and C-store robberies, not to mention gang activities of all kinds which should be made extracurricular school activities.

    I am appalled at your lack of sensitivity to these poor children.

    If they actually get an education, they might be required to work for a living.

    If they can actually work, they won’t need us Democrat Patron-politicians to dispense the largesse from the money we stole, er, taxed from businesses and workers.

    Shame on you for requiring some effort on the part of these poor children.

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