The broken promises of ObamaCare

The folks over at “Bust the Bailouts” have posted data on the average 2017 price increases facing consumers in each state. We have distilled that down to show how New Mexicans will be impacted relative to our neighbors. Unfortunately, individual health insurance policy holders in New Mexico will see price hikes averaging about 40%. Oklahoma’s rate hikes will be a bit higher, but neighboring states will see somewhat smaller increases.

Also, the following chart appeared in the Albuquerque Journal on Thursday. When passed in 2010, it was promised the Law would “bend the cost curve (downward).” Things never really went “as promised,” but since 2014, the medical price index has leaped dramatically-higher than the broader consumer price index. This was no surprise to the Rio Grande Foundation and other free market advocates, but it was sold as a cost saving measure. That has clearly not happened.