2 Replies to “The Case for Optimism”

  1. Excellent article…and a highly recommended read for anyone who wants to understand what’s next.

    Mr. Lips makes a lot of excellent points, and will be proven right over time. The pendulum is swinging back, in a big way, and towards balance. Too bad it takes such miserable failures to come to an enlightened conclusion and perspective regarding of such simple principles and deeds..

    We should not only thank the “thinkers”, as they work through, model-out and project the consequences of the interrelated actions and reactions of the non-thinkers’ behavior, but the actual failures themselves, as well as those who continue to create them and attempt to feed from them, within the view of the entire world. For it is the failure itself, along with the illustration of another’s failure, or success, that is the very best tool of learning and long-term retention…ouch, that burner is HOT!

    Ever feel like you’re being dragged to the burner with the rest of the herd. Well, you are, but there is reason, and leadership has its own purpose, place and time.

    If I could be bold enough to offer any additional suggestion to this thinker’s comments and advice it would be this:

    The time and opportunity to activate term limits on the legislative branch, and re-activate the line-item veto of the executive branch, is coming…let’s bring accountability back to Big Brother and Big Siss, of all stripes, for years to come.

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