The Chick Fil A Controversy

Larry Reed of the Foundation for Economic Education, one of the nicest people I know and one of the most consistent advocates for liberty in America, has some hard-hitting thoughts for politicians on the Chick Fil A issue.

He rightly takes politicians to task for their bullying tactics. Notably, the use and abuse of government force is always and everywhere the problem, not individuals or businesses. I have zero problem with people protesting (although the kiss-in may prove problematic due to property rights issues); I have zero problem with people turning out in droves to support the company or staying away if that is their wont.

The problem, of course, arises when politicians use bullying rhetoric to play to their political bases. Even the nation’s number one nanny, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg gets this. So, protest or eat mor chikin or whatever you choose, but if you’re a politician, forget about the threats and belligerence.