The city that privatized everything

Sandy Springs, Georgia, rather than relying on traditional command-and-control government, has instead taken the approach of relying on private enterprise to provide quality services at a reasonable price. Reason recently put together this video illustrating the City’s success:

A more critical view, including information on other cities that have considered privatizing some services can be found here.

While Albuquerque and other New Mexico cities are a long way from “privatizing everything,” garbage, airport terminal management, and water and sewer are all privatized in many areas, but not in Albuquerque and some other New Mexico cities.

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3 Replies to “The city that privatized everything”

  1. Corporations do this all the time (except they call it outsourcing). It’s good business to apply make vs. buy scrutiny to every function that’s not part of the business’ core competency such as IT support, secretarial service, building and vehicle maintenance. In many cases employees benefit from a specialized contractor’s professional supervision, training and career opportunities. What makes this off limits to government is the dominance of public employee unions.

    1. Wow, Andrew, something for us to agree on! I’m confident that if mass transit was not a unionized, government-run monopoly in most cities, that it would be far more viable than it is now. Unfortunately, most transit is nothing but a public employee payoff scheme.

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