The Good News About the Worst of the Worst


The 2016 regular session is over, and before we lament the inevitable, budget-cutting special session that is sure to follow, let us rejoice. The worst of this year’s anti-taxpayer, freedom-hostile bills did not pass.

* Each of the minimum-wage increases (HB 125, HB 154, HB 323, SB 236, and SJR 18) died.

* All three gasoline-tax-hiking bills (SB 251, SB 284, SJR 22) crumbled.

* SJR 2 and SJR 3, attempts to tap the Land Grant Permanent Fund for “early childhood education services,” fizzled.

* All three tobacco- and vaping-tax hikes (HB 300, SB 4, SB 77) failed.

* Rep. Miguel Garcia’s bill to extend “public financing” to legislative candidates was ignored.

* The “Gender Pay Equity Tax Credit,” sponsored by Rep. Nate Gentry and Sen. Mimi Stewart, went nowhere.

Sometimes, failure is success.

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5 Replies to “The Good News About the Worst of the Worst”

  1. Dear Dowd,
    I have a problem and wondered if you could help.

    Like most families, we have some skeletons in the closet. My brother is doing a stretch in the state pen in Los Lunas, and my father is an alcoholic. I have another brother who is a NM state representative. My sole surviving sister is a crack addict and my mother abandoned the family years ago.Here’s the thing. I recently fell in love and am engaged to a lovely young woman. We plan a June wedding. I know that full disclosure is the way to go, but I also don’t want to scare her away . Do you think I can wait until AFTER the wedding to tell her that I have a brother who is a NM state representative?


    1. Thanks for your question, “Charles.” But I make it a point never to offer marital advice, even when it is solicited.

      Best of luck with your situation. I hope she can live with your family’s shame.

      “I am a sinner who does not expect forgiveness. But I am not a government official.”

      – Francis Wolcott (Garret Dillahunt), “Deadwood”

  2. Thank God these guys are doing their job and looking out for we the people.

    Thanks to Rio Grande Foundation for keeping their finger on the pulse.

  3. You think all the progressives would look at that black hole called the Rail Runner or at least let it run on fossils to help the local oil industry.

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