The great Blue State “unmasking” (so far New Mexico is status quo)


The latest list of statewide mask mandates is here. As it stands now, New Mexico is one of 8 states with a universal indoor mask mandate.

A total of 13 states (according to this site) mandate students wear masks in schools.

EVERY state that has a mask mandate of either type would be considered a “deep blue” state with a Democrat Governor. But, things are changing quickly and suddenly Democrat governors are deciding to eliminate such mandates. Here’s the latest from the New York Times.

      • Massachusetts will end its statewide school mask mandate on Feb. 28;
      • Connecticut will drop its mandate by no later than Feb. 28.

      • New Jersey will drop its mandate for students and school employees in the second week of March.

      • Delaware will end mandates by March 31.

      • Oregon will lift restrictions for schools on March 31.

      • Nevada announced a total end to its mask mandate (including in schools) on Thursday.


  • Stupidly (as children are less susceptible to COVID), California and New York  are dropping their indoor mask mandates for the general population, but will keep forced-masking in schools in place. Illinois has just announced that it will ALSO be eliminating its indoor mask mandate, but like CA and NY are keeping the school mandate in place as well for the time being.

    What about New Mexico? MLG JUST extended the universal indoor mask mandate which also includes schools. So far there has been no movement on the issue in the Land of Enchantment.