The Human Right to Home School

The left loves to talk about various “rights,” particularly the supposed right to health care and other economic rights that are not really rights because they involve infringing on others’ rights. But how about the right to home school one’s children?

Thankfully, despite efforts to limit home schooling, particularly in California, most US states are willing to leave home schoolers alone. That is not the case, specifically in Germany, where home schooling is illegal. According to the article, the parents, “music teachers, left Germany because they didn’t like what their children were learning in public school.” The family decided to move to the US “in 2008 after he and his wife had accrued about $10,000 in fines for homeschooling their three oldest children and police had turned up at their doorstep and escorted them to school.”

I am proud that, despite its many flaws, the states of the United States by and large stay out of the way when parents wish to home school their children. It is a freedom to be jealously guarded. I hope our government bureaucrats see fit to give this family — which is clearly fleeing persecution at home — asylum.