The latest on NM oil production: a slight bump in June, but down 20% since March

While Gov. Lujan Grisham continues to plead for more federal money to shore up New Mexico’s finances, we are taking the longer and more New Mexico-centric view of looking at the leading systemic challenge facing our State: low oil prices combined with dropping production.

The data do lag, so we are using the best info available from Oil Conservation Division, but as of June 2020, oil production in New Mexico has dropped about 20% since March. That is a slight rebound from May and the June data is also the latest available.

Prices on the global market have dropped somewhat to below $40 a barrel. Will production rebound in such a price-depressed environment? Only time will tell. If not for the Gov’s Virus policies and the myriad ongoing election controversies, this would be the number one issue facing our State.