The Left: Busily Trying to Regulate the Internet

I had the opportunity to listen in on a conference call hosted by Senator Byron Dorgan and others including who want to regulate the Internet. The plan is to enact legislation known by the touchy-feely name “net-neutrality,” but what the term and the legislation these people support really would do is regulate to the point of socializing the Internet.
Interestingly enough, while several major companies that use large amounts of bandwith on the Internet are trying to pass the “net-neutrality” legislation, it was notable that a New Mexico company: was the major business presence on the conference call. From the looks of their website, they certainly don’t seem like the kind of high-bandwith user that would benefit from “net neutrality” regulations, but many New Mexicans seem to embrace government regulation almost instintively.
Given the high stakes and the support for regulation among the left and even among some on the right, it is clear the issue is not going away. Listening in on this conference call made that clear.