The most ridiculous government job in New Mexico?

The Rio Grande Foundation has always cast a critical eye at New Mexico government for its waste, incompetence, and outright corruption. Now, we have what we believe may be the most wasteful single job in all of State government.

According to a press release from the New Mexico Economic Development Department, the Agency has just hired a “Just Transition Advisor to spearhead the state’s initiatives in support of a thriving low-carbon economy.”

The release further goes on to say, “Operating within the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Office (JEDI Office) of the New Mexico Economic Development Department (EDD), the individual will help ensure marginalized communities are consulted and prioritized throughout the transition to renewable energy sources.”

The whole release is fully of PC gobbledygook and non-sequiturs. Ultimately, the entire JEDI office and the “just transition” of New Mexico, a state whose economy becomes more reliant on oil and gas by the day is yet another waste of resources that could be better left in the pockets of average New Mexicans. That would be more just.

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3 Replies to “The most ridiculous government job in New Mexico?”

  1. The problem I have is that there are plenty of offices and agencies that are currently not doing inadequate job. So what’s the point of forming another one other than politics? But the last people I would turn to for advice are a group that includes the Rio Grande Foundation. They’re more interested in standing on the sidelines and yelling at left-leading government with very little to actually replace it with.

  2. In reference to a previous comment, I read or listen to the RGF for the information I gather from the guest speakers they have on. RGF is certainly not on the “sidelines yelling” rather they are trying to inform the public about NM government and policy. The listeners can agree or disagree with the speakers.

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