The New Mexico Legislature really is coming for your guns

Senate Bill 427 by Sen. Joseph Cervantes (D-Las Cruces), imposes a 14-day waiting period on all firearm purchases, with an exception for concealed handgun licensees. This measure will only delay your ability to exercise your Second Amendment right to defend yourself, your family and your property. This would make for the longest firearms purchase waiting period in the entire country!  For more information on this proposal, click here. If adopted the 14 day wait would be the longest in the nation. 

Senate Bill 428 by Sen. Joseph Cervantes (D-Las Cruces) creates a hostile climate for lawful firearm-related industries and transactions by facilitating an increasing amount of litigation and claims, with vastly increased liability exposure and civil penalties, for even minor suspected violations of the terms of an Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) or the law as the basis for Unfair Trade Practices Act proceedings. For more information on this bill, click here. At least one major insurance provider has indicated they won’t insure gun sellers. 

What New Mexico gun laws aren't being enforced?

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9 Replies to “The New Mexico Legislature really is coming for your guns”

  1. Just another irrational emotional response to a bad situation caused by a broken judicial system and lack of societal discipline. Too many folks are uneducated on the causes and how to properly deal with them. Jumping to conclusions doesn’t help.

  2. Having to wait 2 weeks to buy a firearm is totally wrong. Sueing gun companies to put them out of business is treacherous. Call your senator’s. Call the governor. Make you voice heard before they destroy your rights.

  3. Does everyone remember that The 2nd Amendment was created so ordinary “people” have the ability to overthrow a corrupt government? Did you know that ordinary citizens are suppose to be able to have the same weapons as the government if they can afford them? It seems to me that the Mexican cartels have more 2nd Amendment rights than I do!

    1. Our rights are being taken away by politicians that don’t know what else to do to stop the shootings that deranged people are doing.

  4. Gun owners are once again being attacked by all the liberal anti-gun Democrats from Santa Fe, Taos, and Albuquerque. Nothing being proposed will have any observable benefits to public safety.

  5. The gun laws punish the law abiding people. The criminal s don’t have to register there guns that they got illegal or worry that government is coming to take them. I get punished for following the law. The government is a joke. It is for criminal s.

  6. I think it’s great idea and wish more action to control who can buy a gun and what type. If you read the entire second amendment, it was written such that responsible citizens, had arms to defend the state and the union. But also done so in a well regulated militia. Read the whole amendment and not just one part. Being necessary for a free state, a well regulated militia, the right to bear arms shall nor be abridged. People, untrained on firearms, and not regulated, is unconstitutional. Nothing wrong with laws which regulate firearms. That is what the constitution called for.

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