The only thing Branson has fired into space is his ego

As New Mexicans wait and wait for something, anything to happen at the Spaceport (for which they have paid more than $200 million), those who put their own money up to be among the first to fly into space are getting impatient with the ongoing delays (and are, in some cases, trying to get their money back).

I was recently interviewed for this story by the UK’s Daily Mail.

The story details some of Richard Branson’s broken promises and the unfolding, slow-moving debacle that is New Mexico’s Spaceport. It is worth a read for even those in our state who have been keeping a close watch on the project both because of the different perspective and for the cheeky writing style that Brits seem to pull off so well.

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3 Replies to “The only thing Branson has fired into space is his ego”

  1. Add in the Railrunner train and we have wasted, thanks to Democrats (progressives) more than $800 million on projects that most residents and taxpayer of NM receive no benefit. For a “POOR” State whose second largest budget expense is Medicaid/Food Stamps, that is a terrible waste of resources. In fact, I would call it is a crime.

  2. Substitute Elon Musk for Richard Branson and Gigafactory for Spaceport. You then may be thankful we didn’t win the bid for Tesla.

    Too bad, Nevada!

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