The outlandish cost of the ObamaCare websites

According to this story, the ObamaCare website cost an astonishing $292 million of your tax dollars. As if that were not enough, according to this article, 15 states that have set up their own exchange websites cost a total of $1 billion. This recent media report states that New Mexico’s exchange site will cost a staggering $30 million.

To say the least, there have been numerous, well-reported bugs in the ObamaCare law, but I’m not here to rehash those. What I’d like to know is why taxpayers should be on the hook for a website at all. For starters, there are private websites at which you can purchase health insurance. Cost to taxpayers: zero. Another analyst at Forbes argues that the absurd cost of these websites and their technical glitches is necessary to hide the true cost of the coverage provided under the law.

With anything in life, simpler is better. With government, that is even more important. How are average citizens supposed to keep tabs and hold accountable a government that is so large and complicated that no one could understand it. Health care doesn’t have to be this difficult. It is about a patient and their doctors. Perhaps ObamaCare’s flop will discredit the idea that someone else should pay for my health care? One can hope.

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