The problem with Ketanji Brown Jackson’s answer

Joe Biden’s nominee for the US Supreme Court raised eyebrows and generated thousands of internet memes when she claimed in her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee that she “couldn’t provide a definition for the word ‘woman.'”

Clearly, she knows what a woman is. She is clearly intelligent. She clearly wishes NOT to define the term publicly for political reasons. And that’s the real problem. If she can’t or won’t define something very simple for clearly political reasons how will she interpret complicated laws that she may disagree with?

We recently saw liberal justices on SCOTUS who were simply unwilling to draw ANY line regarding executive power relating to vaccine mandates regardless of whether Congress had granted the Biden Administration such sweeping powers. If she can’t/won’t draw a firm line over the definition of male and female, will she really make tough/unpopular decisions restricting the power of government officials including (but by no means limited to) the one nominating her to the Nation’s highest Court?

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15 Replies to “The problem with Ketanji Brown Jackson’s answer”

  1. Wow. REALLY? Can she/ he define how the person identifies theirs elf to be. And if a female how does she know she is a female. What is the definition of a female?. Your face, anatomy, organs what? Is it someone who is a nurturer is it someone who can bear children. Clearly we can define a man why is it so hard to define a woman. Why not go with a dictionary definition if you don’t have your own version of a woman.

  2. It’s got to hurt when you know the only reason you’re getting a job is because you check all the boxes on the criteria set politically which has nothing to do with your credentials . Poor way to choose anyone for any job.

    1. Who told you that?

      She is probably the most highly qualified, highly credentialed and well-rounded individual to be nominated in generations. !!!
      Follow link — READ —

      Jackson spent almost nine years as a federal district and appeals court judge — more than Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Clarence Thomas and Amy Coney Barrett, who each served less than three years before being nominated.
      “Ketanji Brown Jackson brings more experience as a judge than four of the current justices did COMBINED!

      Last year, Jackson was appointed by Biden to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, often considered the second-highest court. Before that, Jackson served more than eight years as a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Justice Sonia Sotomayor is the only sitting justice who spent time as a judge in the trial or district courts.

  3. She doesn’t appear to do a good job, especially with sentencing sexual predators. A three-month sentence for a man with a truckload of child porn only gets three months jail time?

    Seriously? That wasn’t the only case like that either.
    It was kind of fun watching her look down her nose when Cory “Spartacus” Booker though. That was quite a performance he put on!

    1. Well Cory’s performance was pretty good but when it comes to Senate Hearing Drama and Kabuki Theatre … Lindsey Graham is the Master.
      From the National Review on Hawley’s BS.
      Senator Hawley’s Disingenuous Attack against Judge Jackson’s Record on Child Pornography: Follow Link and Read –

      The accusations were debunked over and over and over by legions of Supreme Court Watchers. The accusations were MADE in Committee over and over and over and over to get the sound bite to stick in the unsuspecting and uninformed mind.

  4. In one of his podcasts this week, Dennis Prager states that the “I can’t define what a woman is” response of Judge Jackson will be an historical marker that historians will cite when describing the decline of the United States.

    1. I disagree. It was the failed Coup of 01/06 and the BIG LIE … the public’s unfathomable unwillingness to support the Constitution vs. accepting the UNSUBSTANTIATED claims of a serial liar. The fact that DT is not behind bars … speaks to our decay.

  5. “She clearly wishes NOT to define the term publicly for political reasons.” Exactly . She was being led into a “gotcha bs” scenario which she immediately identified and avoided. Her objective was to get a nomination not to go down a rabbit hole about Sex and Gender with an air-headed Senator who could really care less. Her answer told you nada about her future decisions but a good deal about her judgment. Clearly, she cannot be played for a dupe and can focus on her objectives. Those are GOOD THINGS.

    1. So defining the term “woman” is a gotcha question? Could that be because the left is trying to muddy the waters by celebrating a black woman on the Nation’s highest Court while also allowing men to compete in women’s sports?

    2. The fact that she WOULD NOT or COULD NOT answer the question regarding the definition of a WOMAN, tells me she follows the WOKE IDEOLOGY. We don’t need her on the Supreme court. We don’t need anyone like that on the Supreme court. She was only nominated because Biden, by his own public admission, was following the RACIST and GENDER BIASED Affirmative Action policies.

  6. Yes . obviously it is a gotcha question. You make my point. The good Sen from Tennessee was not interested in Judge Brown Jackson’s definition.Just as you have done above she would have shifted into complex LGBTQ and racial issues that could not possibly be treated with the seriousness that they deserve within the time constraints of the GOP’s tag-team clown show. Males in female sports!!! Transgender “rest room” protocols!!!! Sex change operations!!!! Feminized soldiers!!! etc.etc.etc. Oh my! Tucker Carlson would have LOVED it. Again … it was a trap and she was wise to deflect.

    1. Politically wise, but she has the votes with Democrats anyway. Of course we know that liberal judges don’t care to actually clearly define the law OR language so as they can make decisions that have no basis in law. See the recent decision on the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate for specifics. There simply was NO limiting principle outlined by the three liberal justices.

      1. And now we know and have very strong evidence that the covid Jab is killing people. And it may take a couple of years for it to kill those who are younger and more healthy. Covid, and the covid vaccination is a depopulation coup by people who don’t think that EVERYONE has the right to life.

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