The RailRunner: Worst American Rail Project Ever? (and I didn’t say it!)

Yes, we at the Rio Grande Foundation have been critical of the Rail Runner in the past and want to shut it down. But, sometimes it is nice to get an outsiders perspective. In this case, I point you to this article from the Coyote Blog which is maintained by an Arizona-based blogger.

He recently visited our fair state, rode the Rail Runner, ran some numbers, and questions what the New Mexico politicians who set it up were thinking at the time.

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4 Replies to “The RailRunner: Worst American Rail Project Ever? (and I didn’t say it!)”

  1. It would be very beneficial if the Rail runner actually served all the citizens.

    Consider this – 3 large hospitals in the city of ABQ. Hospitals -have 12 hour shifts…. 7-730.

    The hospital I work for has >5000 employees. More employees than the “City of Albuquerque”. Nurses and techs work 12 hour shifts. Mega amount of employees coming from RR, Bernalillo & Santa Fe, Belen, Los Lunas, etc. So, those who can get to work, can not get home, because the rail leaves before the staff can make it to the station. UNMH provides shuttles for the employees to get back & forth from the rail station. The M-F staff who do manage to take the railrunner Love it – it allows time for them to decompress prior to arriving home to their families.

  2. Recently I heard that the name should be the “Rail Robber. Considering the cost to me, a tax payer, the name is appropriate.

    Ken Ashley

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