The real bullies in our public schools — great ad running in New Mexico

The issue of children bullying other children has become a cause celebre in current political discourse. And, it is a real problem. But there is another group out there that is bullying students and preventing them from achieving success in their educational pursuits. Check out this brief TV ad now running in New Mexico for more:

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6 Replies to “The real bullies in our public schools — great ad running in New Mexico”

  1. Awesome Ad! The teacher’s unions are the biggest mechanism for reinforcing the dishonest ideological stranglehold imposed on education today. They are bullies and they don’t have out kid’s best interests at heart.

  2. I don’t have the bandwidth to watch the commercial, but….

    Isn’t the New Mexico Federation of Teachers acting as a bad example by trying to bully Skandera out of office?

    I like what she has been doing and support her as an “outsider” trying to make a real difference. Otherwise aren’t we just doing the “same old, same old” and expecting different outcomes?

    1. “Communism” is just a label. The Chinese are certainly not free in the way we are overall, but there are many aspects of their economy that are much freer than ours, and in many ways, they are becoming far more “capitalistic” than we are.

  3. The uptick in public unions, very strongly pushed by President Kennedy, plus the ability to strike in many areas and professions, and force tax increases to pay for salaries (most of which now are unfunded), is ine of a very few issues that have brought this country, and ultimately the world, to our knees.

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