The rising costs of BernCo’s new HQ

As we at the Rio Grande Foundation discussed in this space back in 2017, it is hard to argue with the PURCHASE price of $3 million for the planned Bernalillo County headquarters building, especially IF they consolidate and sell off other properties and office space around the City/County.

But, that $3 million price tag hid a number of needed repairs and other changes that were planned for the building. At the start the estimate was $33 million. That price tag has risen to $65 million.

It’s hard to believe that some of this information, like that the building as configured wouldn’t hold the Commission’s chambers. It is just a pattern in government (New Mexico and beyond) that involves an initial low-ball estimate followed by rapid cost increases. The Spaceport has required numerous additions and the Rail Runner’s costs also rose dramatically.  It just doesn’t engender much trust in government when the REAL price tag of the County’s HQ doubles.

RGF’s Paul Gessing gave a brief comment to KRQE below: