The Roundhouse: Now open for partisan use at no cost!

A few weeks ago, we outlined a situation involving a partisan political group using the Roundhouse (aka, the Capitol). It was our position that the group should at least pay a fee for using the facility. This would include any security needed for the event.

Unfortunately, as Rob Nikolewski over at Capitol Report New Mexico reports, the Legislative Council Service has decided to not even ask for the $700 needed for additional security. This is just silly and it will open the floodgates to any and all partisan group that wants to hold their events in the “People’s House.” Of course, it is also unfair to taxpayers who will be asked to pick up the bill and could be asked to pick up bills far bigger than just $700.

Imagine if ALEC, an organization that is not actually partisan, were to have a function at the Roundhouse. The added security burden would undoubtedly be heavy and costly to taxpayers. Yes, according to these rules, ALEC wouldn’t have to pay a dime.