The scariest NM statistic of all

7 in 10 live births in New Mexico are on Medicaid. Astonishing, troubling…arguably, the most painful statistic of all for New Mexicans wondering whether their state truly is in a “death spiral.”

Medicaid is a federal/state program designed in part to assist poor and relatively poor people. When it comes to births though, the fact is that it is only the young who have kids. No amount of wealthy retirees from more economically-free states can gloss over or bring up New Mexico’s 7 of 10 number. That is the scary thing. We talk about the next generation…this is the next generation of New Mexicans and they’re being born on welfare.

Check this out from John Goodman an analyst who deals with health care policy on a national basis as he decries the fact that nationally, four out of ten Americans are born on Medicaid. They’ve got nothing on us!

Gov. Martinez has agreed to increase the number of New Mexicans on Medicaid by accepting the ObamaCare bribe of more money. What will be the dependency ratio in New Mexico once that expansion is complete?

Is this situation devoid of hope? No. Economic freedom and free markets have proven track records of reducing poverty. Government programs like Medicaid only increase dependence and exacerbate the cycle of poverty. New Mexico needs political leaders to enact policies that increase economic freedom. Will New Mexicans demand prosperity or satisfy themselves with poverty?