The Spacepork’s Dismal 2015


Can a spaceport be a spaceport if it never puts anything in orbit?

One month. That’s how long “Spaceport America” has to put something in orbit before it goes 0-for-2015.

The facility did launch a single suborbital rocket last month, but it was the only liftoff of the year. Awfully disappointing, given the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars devoted to the spaceport. (But hey, at least it’s got a nifty bus, pictured above.)

Something to remember the next time a New Mexico politician or bureaucrat pushes a subsidized scheme for “economic development.”

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3 Replies to “The Spacepork’s Dismal 2015”

  1. Spacepork — I like it! Back when Richardson was having his way with the fisc, I hoped people would refer to his evil twins as the Train to Nowhere and the Road into Space.

  2. The Democrats had this great plan called the Great Society. It was very popular and still is today. But for what it was suppose to achieve it became a great flop and still is today.

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