The “stimulus” and Heinrich’s memory hole

Too many politicians (of both parties) would prefer to forget about the past. A lot of Republicans would prefer to forget about the Bush years and the fact that federal spending grew out of control during the eight years of his term. Democrats and President Obama, on the other hand, would prefer to forget that the $787 billion stimulus was an abject failure. This was the largest “jobs” project since at least the New Deal.

Rep. Martin Heinrich, in his opinion piece today, tries to take Congressional Republicans to task for “not bringing a single jobs bill to the floor.” This is just silly. The federal government, especially when it is as heavily-indepted as ours is, needs to focus on the basics, not throwing more corporate welfare at preferred businesses.

If Heinrich wants a jobs bill, how about repealing ObamaCare? How about getting rid of some of the piles of regulations that make doing business so difficult in the United States? How about stopping the out-of-control EPA and NLRB?

Heinrich, like most politicians, simply doesn’t understand how jobs (and more importantly, prosperity) are created. Hint, government can create the conditions, but it is entrepreneurs and average people working hard that create wealth. The federal government is destroying wealth and has been for many years.