The strangest protest ever

I was downtown on Friday for the Hispanic Leadership Network conference at the Hyatt when I saw perhaps the most unusual protest I’ve ever seen. As I’ve discussed in the past, there is an out-of-town carpenters’ union that has been protestingnumerous Albuquerque businesses. This protest of Amtrak appeared to be coming from the same source.

For the uninitiated, Amtrak is America’s federally-owned passenger rail system. It received $1.565 billion in taxpayer subsidies last year. What reason would a carpenters’ union have to protest the railroad? Honestly, I have no idea. And asking the paid, minimum wage protesters won’t get you any answers either, we’ve tried.

So, I say, shame on Amtrak for taking $1 billion+ in annual subsidies, but I don’t think that was the point of the debate.

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One Reply to “The strangest protest ever”

  1. Let’s end all Federal subsidies to train travel NOW. If some states feel that commuter service needs financial help, they can pay.

    But as to the rail service to Albuquerque, one a day east and one a day west, end it

    And New Mexico should end the support of its Rail Runner as well, particularly when the fare box covers less than 15% of the total costs.

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