The Streetcar Line Is Changing!

Suddenly the councilors and mayor are sounding fiscally responsible:

Mayor Martin Chávez and City Council President Martin Heinrich said Saturday they will seek to repeal tax changes that would have financed a streetcar project.
In separate interviews with the Journal, Chávez and Heinrich said they are backing away from the streetcar project for the time being.
Each called for a comprehensive study of local transportation needs before the city decides whether to develop a streetcar system.
Chávez said it “makes no sense” to keep the tax changes in place when there is no consensus on the City Council about proceeding with streetcars.

Why couldn’t we have trusted them in the first place?

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One Reply to “The Streetcar Line Is Changing!”

  1. What is the big deal about comparing Albuquerque to Portland? Let’s cut to the bottom line. How much does the Portland rail system lose?
    We are talking about a system that is designed to lose. So let’s get that out front. This is a loser.

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