The truth about “green” jobs (from a recruiter for those jobs)

This is a fascinating piece on the reality of the “green” economy and what we can reasonably expect in terms of “green” jobs. The article is not written by a free market conservative, but by a recruiter who deals with the industry.

We are constantly told by President Obama and local advocates like the environmental group New Energy Economy that so-called “green” energy will create thousands of jobs. The reality, as this recruiter points out, is not so simple (or promising for those who want a speedy transition).

As the recruiter notes, natural gas, while not green in the purist sense of the word — even wind isn’t green in that world — does have the potential to fulfill a greater percentage of our future energy demand.

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  1. Spain has been “greening” since 1997 and in 2008 a University over there released a report concerning loss of regular jobs while “greening” The report is here:
    There has been a rebuttal of that report that says because of RET’s the report does not apply in the US. That rebuttal is here: It appears to be psychobabble to me.
    According to the report, looks like we loose 2.2 jobs for every green job created. So if the report is wrong, then maybe we only loose 1.5 jobs. Too many at any rate.

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