The unmitigated gall of Winston Brooks

In case you missed it, New Mexico was the only of 11 states to have been denied a waiver by Obama’s Department of Education under No Child Left Behind. Winston Brooks is “embarrassed” by this.

And, if you’ve been to the Roundhouse or follow education policy in this state, you’d know that APS is just one of many school districts in this state that has lobbied hard against serious education reform. Of course, many of these reforms are the very things that the Obama Administration has been looking for in order to decide if a state is serious enough about reform in order to receive the waiver in the first place.

So, you fight reform and then you cast blame on others when Obama’s Administration doesn’t see enough reform. Pretty embarrassing, I’d say. The solution? Ban publicly-funded agencies like APS from hiring lobbyists or cut their budget until they fire them all.

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3 Replies to “The unmitigated gall of Winston Brooks”

  1. Paul:

    Don’t forget that there are several APS employees elected to the legislature where they received state pay during sessions/meetings, while receiving FULL APS pay.
    Are these people on education committees? What a surprise !!

  2. There is no help for the government schools. Personally, I think sending a child to one is VERY close to actionable abuse.

  3. I believe there may be too many voices expecting to be heard (to be inputs in the decision process) that are at odds with one another. It is crucial to provide children first rate educations, period, and a safe environment to attain this objective.

    Of lesser or minimal importance as long as the above is not provided are what the school board wants, if this is not their primary goal, what the parents want, such as freedom for their kids to ‘express themselves’, what unions, the top heavy group of administrators and sensation seekers in the media (a teacher hurt a studentś feelings today!) want or what the good old boys want (why doesnt our football team have a winning record?).

    Personally, if that is what it takes to educate our children safely, I would be for turning APS schools into a goddarned boot camp.

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