There They Go Again: More New Slogans, Old Errors

From RGF President John Dendahl:
The Rio Grande Foundation is a new, and small, part of the network of think tanks giving so much heartburn to the wealthy bunch of Leftists discussed today in the Washington Post. Excerpt:
“At least 80 wealthy liberals have pledged to
contribute $1 million or more apiece to fund
a network of think tanks and advocacy groups
to compete with the potent conservative
infrastructure built up over the past three
The Heritage Foundation is probably the largest and best known, but our movement may include one hundred or more.
The Left has just one problem, but it’s a fatal problem: its answer is always some version of socialism. In the memorable words of Lady Margaret Thatcher: “President Reagan and I knew … what didn’t work –
namely socialism in every shape or form. And how many forms there are! Socialism is like one of those horrible viruses. You no sooner discover a remedy for one version, when it spontaneously evolves into another … Nowadays socialism is more often dressed up as environmentalism, feminism, in international concern for human rights … New slogans; old errors.”