Those ridiculous RailRunner ads

Needless to say, the RailRunner advertisements you are seeing are paid for by you, the taxpayers. Interestingly, the ads focus on the future of commuting in Albuquerque and show a bunch of kids saying how happy they are that their parents made the “investment” in the train. Ironically, it is those very same kids who are going to be stuck with the bill for the Rail Runner in about a decade when those balloon payments come due.

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2 Replies to “Those ridiculous RailRunner ads”

  1. I also think these ads are a pretty cynical use of children to justify policy decisions.

    The Rail Runner’s main function is that it serves as a public subsidy for the transportation of state workers who choose to live in Albuquerque.

    The main impact of the Rail Runner on New Mexico children is that it is another ill-conceived government project that will contribute to their impoverishment.

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