Time for NM to Join Federal Health Care Suit

Recently, a federal judge in Virginia struck down portions of federal ObamaCare legislation. This is a good first step, but there are multiple suits and the fight will continue — probably all the way to the Supreme Court.

As Tom Molitor writes over at NMPolitics, there are many reasons for incoming New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez to add New Mexico to the list of states suing the federal government.

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6 Replies to “Time for NM to Join Federal Health Care Suit”

  1. Yes, it is time for New Mexico to get involved with the lawsuit, especially because so many Americans did not want it. It is proven it will cost the American tax payer too much money! Money we do not have!

  2. Susana can trump the coward, Gary King, and simply join this law suit, without his consent. Other Governors have done it and so should she! King is a political hack(for the Dems) and couldn’t care less what is good for the people of NM! When I called his office about this, they actually told me he was waiting to see how the ‘people’ felt about it (read = people meant Gov Rich and his cronies)! We delivered hundreds and hundreds of petitions begging him to join this lawsuit and he IGNORED us the people. Hope he read the Nov elections or he will be NEXT on our list!

  3. If the Federal Government can compel people to register for the Draft and serve in the Armed Forces, then certainly the legal right has been established to compel the purchase of Health Insurance. No one has died so far from buying health insurance. Pursuing hopeless legal causes makes the so called Libertarians no different from the spending Liberals. I’m certain that Gary King can read the election results since he got almost the same number of votes as Susana and had he been running against her, Gary King would have won. Can the Libertarians count votes?

    1. I don’t understand these comments. Yes, the government can draft people to defend the nation, but that self defense is explicitly outlined in the Constitution. Also, Martinez can put New Mexico on the lawsuit independently of King. What is the relevance of the vote totals?

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